Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Red Birthday Treats: JC Clingers

Second birthday treat is for my UP JC orgmates!

I haven't added an About Me tab so you practically don't know anything about me. I am a sophomore Journalism student at UP Diliman. They say that if you don't have an org in UP, your college experience won't be complete so as early as 1st semester of my 1st year, I already joined one from my home college (College of Mass Communication) which is the UP Journalism Club! If you're from UP Diliman, loves journalism and wants to gain awesome new friends, join UP JC! It is a university-wide organization that you'll absolutely grow to love! Like I did. 

Why am I sharing all this? Because I love my JC friends so much and invited them over for another birthday dinner.

For that day, I wore my new favorite red pants with a loose top and finished it off with my overused boots. 

 Divided by H&M loose top
I don't know what words the letters are forming haha
Leaveland boots
You've seen me use these boots too many times already! I'm gaga over boots right now and this is the only pair I have so I'll really tend to overuse it. 

 Divided by H&M Red printed pants
Eeeeeeeeeeek! I love the print of these red pants!!! I love prints so much right now and another bonus is it's in red! *shrieks* (So perfect for my mini-blowout series)

Laughing my hardest because I got shy and don't know what to do=)
I am still so not used with fashion blogging and asking random friends to take pictures of my ootd. It feels so weird and again, I get really shy but I am going to do this like I'm Wonder Woman!

Photos taken by my friend Meryl

I treated my JC orgmates to dinner at Sbarro Trinoma! And watched Himala by myself afterwards. You guys should catch it at selected cinemas! I promise your P180 won't be put to waste!

                                  Photo and post-processing done by the powerful Kuya Nille :) 


  1. Pantaloni carinissimi (: Reb, xoxo.
    *Nuovo post sul mio blog, fammi sapere cosa ne pensi (;

  2. Thank for your comment. I follow you now.

  3. Hahaha! love the shy picture! Great blog! wanna follow eachother?
    Im following you now :)
    Much love from California

    1. Hahaha! Thank you! =))
      Sure! I'll follow you too! =))

  4. The jeans - I'm in love =) I get awkward and camera-shy a lot too, funny!
    - Che

    1. Oh really! hahaha I guess its kinda normal, then. =)

      Thanks for the comment, Chezka!

  5. in love with your pants!

  6. cute pants! ♥♥♥

  7. such a great look! love the pants and shirt!:) would you like to follow each other?? let me know dear:)) happy week!


    1. Thanks, Leonor! Sure, I'd love to! Happy week too!

  8. I like your red pants! :)

    Following you now. :)

  9. beautiful outfit!!!! OPEN GIVEAWAY!!! 50€/$ SEPHORA OR ITUNES GIFT CARD

  10. Hi Bea! My favorite model! Haha!

    I don't use my wordpress account anymore. I'm now in Tumblr. :)

    1. Hi Kuya Nille! Talaga? Sorry! Okay, I'll edit! =))

  11. love your red skinny & you blog, Iam a new member now



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