Saturday, February 16, 2013

Stand Up for Something

Just a quick break from fashion and to share with you guys some of the things I stand for in life. Chos! 
If you've followed this blog from the start, you would know that I have a Basic Photography class this semester under Prof. Palomares of UP Diliman's Film Department because I blabbered about it here.  

So for last week or last last week, our exercise was Portraits. We had to think of a theme that all of us would prepare for our portraits to be in accordance with. After a very heated decision-making time, we finally agreed on the theme, "Advocacy."

So here's some of the photos from my class:
 This is Taj.I'm not sure if he's a Muslim but his advocacy is to stop discrimination against Muslims and society's unfair generalization that they are all or are capable of becoming terrorists. 

 This is Ate Christine. I am not really sure what her advocacy is but this picture just gives that feeling of peace and calmness, serenity over her whole being.
This is for the lost activists who were abducted and never found. :(
 This is Nicole's call for freedom. Because we all deserve to not be oppressed, censored or whatever. Freedom is a right and a responsibility. 
 This is me saying that we are all born to be different. Let us not compare ourselves to others because we are made to be different. We are unique. We are our own selves. :> 

And my advocacy that I asked my friend Andie to do for me: 
I am dark. 
I am beautiful

I want everyone to know, (well as you already know), that whatever your skin color is, you are beautiful. All of us are beautiful. Don't be blinded by what media and society say whenever they glorify white skin because we morenas are beautiful on our own right. Amen. :> 
How about you? What advocacy do you stand for? 



  2. I think that beauty is about being different and original!:)

  3. true that you should always stay true to yourself! ty for following, got ya back


  4. WOW, deep and beautifull!
    I have a fashion blog but sometimes post poems that you might like...
    this one for example:
    Hope to see you on my blog, maybe we could follow eachother!
    let me know, X E

  5. I love this, it's a very strong minded thing to do.



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