Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mango Magnified

I was surprised when my high school friend Kara left me a message on Facebook. Kara's one of my closest friends, part of Beyond 8, but we rarely talk with each other these days because of our hectic schedules so I wondered what's with the random pm. 

Until I saw what it was for.
I was literally in a haze for ten seconds. An invite for Mango Fashion show? You're kidding me! I've gone to Philippine Fashion Week shows but this is my first time to be invited in a solo fashion event of one of the biggest retail brands, Mango. I'll forever be indebted to Kara and Ate Karla, her sister who works at Mango and got us invites. =D 

Registration and Reception Area
The event was held yesterday at Bonifacio High Street Central Amphitheater, 6pm. I came from school so I was running late and sweaty when I got to the event. But sigh! My sister, who I took with me, came about forty-five minutes later. I had to bear judging eyes for that long but I'm proud of myself for staying patient. I didn't want to waste that night of finally feeling a grasp, a small but dear one, of my dream! 
Julia Snieg as host
Oh she was beautiful! I love how she smiles to the audience genuinely and articulates her spills naturally. Superb! 

Now on to the collection. The theme of the Fashion Show, or at least what they asked their guests to wear, was SUMMER GOLD.
You know how much I am a sucker for red pants!
And printed rompers =D Takes a lot of confidence to carry but just little time to prepare every morning because you just snug it in and you're instantly fab. :)
The bag is just so simple yet so classy.
                                                     I'll never get tired of prints and a sexy red dress! :) 
I love how effortlessly chic this looks like! 

Oh, Mango can never be classic without the basic reds, blacks and whites so they make sure these pieces grace the runway. 
Kudos to Mango for a beautifully styled runway show! I love the purses, the shoes: the texture, the flow and the quality!
The voices of these both were a master combo! I love how they move as they sing the lyrics. 
This marks the first part of the show with mostly blacks and whites with gold accents. 

H.E. by Mango followed. I swear these guy models are the cutest! But oops, I don't likely any of my pictures with them walking on the runway so here's their final pose before heading to backstage. 

I actually thought that that was the end of the show but a few more girls followed with summer colors that I love! 
When I saw this dress, I can't help but look at it with drool. I love the flow, the color, the pleats..everything!

These are how "summer gold" probably should look like: =D

The models before the final curtain
The colors and the print <3 Mango, why are you so freakin fantastic?
Julia Snieg with the big bosses of Mango to introduce the MasterCard.

As I said, I went there with my friend Kara and my sister. We made sure to take photos before leaving, of course. (Photos from Kara) Outfit shots tomorrow! :)
With Kara
 With my sister
This fashion show is one for the books! I'll never, ever forget.

P.S. I saw a lot of famous Filipina bloggers but I was too shy to ask them for a picture. :( In short, I didn't get one for this photo post.) Maybe next time when I'm already not that new in blogging, I'll venture into asking.

P.P.S. I wasn't also able to take a free Tous de Jours they were giving and to avail a % discount at Mango exclusively for guests! Aww, sigh.


  1. hahaha wanted to receive the invitation too!! It would be really cool! You are very lucky!!

  2. Oh my gosh that is so so exciting! I'm glad that you had such an amazing time.

  3. I love Mango, too! And i like this collection!

  4. Great collection! I love mango :)
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