Wednesday, March 27, 2013

High School in a Nutshell

They say that high school memories are the best. 

I couldn't agree more! Ohh I wasn't a popular kid. I was part of the quiet crowd, the existent but invisible bunch. I may have wished to be on the radar but I don't complain either where I was. That was where I belonged and where I forged lasting friendships with the most awesome people ever! 

College has parted us geographically so it's a good breather everytime we get to see one another on special occasions like debuts, for instance. 
 It was my former seatmate's debut! Oh thanks Jane for inviting me! Her hair looks like of a goddess and the poufy skirt of this gown--beautiful!

 The BACHADO attendees (picture not mine, taken from Laro at Lente)

When you are broke, you have to learn the art of maximizing your available resources, no matter how scarce they may be. That's what my friends and I actually did and it worked, if I may say! 
Kara wearing her sister's  dress
 Mich in a peplum top borrowed from her college friend. 
 Ricie in her own tasteful lace dress and necklace from AJ
 AJ wearing my top, her old skirt, and new shoes. 

We are master borrowers! Instead of mulling over on what you don't have, use what you could! And I did live up to that! :> My only expense was a head wrap, nothing more, nothing less. :) 

 Forever 21 Skater Leather skirt from Ricie
I have always wanted to steal this from Ricie ever since we bought it!
Topshop sleeveless top that I wore here
Forever 21 vest
 When I saw this vest hanging in AJ's room, I wanted to sneak it in my bag and claim its ownership! That's how much this vest looks great! I'm willing to sacrifice our five-year old friendship. LOL kidding. :) ;
Guess clutch with metallic chain from Ricie
Bangles from AJ
Ricie advised me that to complete my blog outfits, I must use a bag in some of my posts. Okay, that's my blog resolution! 
 Bootie heels from AJ
See, I kept true to our peg and borrowed almost everything from head to toe!
Forever 21 Head wrap 
(the only exception!:))

Sorry for the quick post!! So excited for April to come! Summer, you are terribly missed. 


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