Sunday, April 21, 2013

On New Beginnings

TADAA! Here's another reason why I haven't posted outfit shots for so's because I was hiding something. I think it deserves a grand welcoming to this blog, haha. Not that it looks great because it's one of those things that either works for you or not or there are momentary spasms of liking and then twirls back to distaste. Oh, I tell you we have  that  kind of relationship right now.  I took  quite some time to look  at the mirror and say all the criticisms I can think of so I wouldn't get hurt when someone actually  throws a hate ball at me . :)
 Forever 21 Head wrap
 Oh yes, I cut my hair. Not just a trim, not just a treatment, it is what I would like to call a full-blown cut wherein the hairdresser ties your hair into a ponytail and cuts it like an 8-year old boy would do. Of course, the styling follows after.
What can I say. I have a penchant for drastic haircuts. I don't remember walking out of a salon looking exactly the same way as I entered.
 I know most of you are afraid of changes, averted even but isn't change one of the most exciting things in the world? You don't know what to expect, what will happen next, where it will take you.I do believe that all changes are the product of our own choices and decisions and whether we like the change or not, it was us who brought ourselves into that state. So why bury yourself into hate or depression, just accept it as it comes and embrace every minute of it. :)
 As I said in a blog post before, one change pushes others to existence.

Ladies, I'm sure you know how important our hair is for us. It's our crowning glory! In my case, I really wanted to cut it this short but when I was walking for the first time in the mall with this new crown of mine, I feel, allow me to say, that my womanly beauty was stripped away from me. I cut my hair! Oh my gosh! Well, I think it's perfectly normal to react that way on its first short day, right?  Now that a week has passed, I've gotten over it (or not quite yet! haha), I'm excited for all the new changes it would bring to my life. :) 
 I'm sorry I had to cover my face with a smiley that looks exactly like the expression I had in this photo. (I got this idea from another fashion blogger and an orgmate, Raine, who covered their faces because well, maybe I don't know. haha) I just had to post this photo too because it shows the outfit better than the first two full body shots. :)
 Forever 21 shorts
Love the beading and I think that the pastel color matches with the fun pink hue of my top. :) 
 Jellybean top
Streetwear Society teal flats

Happy New Week ahead! :) What do you think about my new hair? :> 


  1. looks cute! I really love your shorts, its so pretty

  2. your new hairstyle is great! you look adorable and I like your high waist shorts. great outfit!

  3. Hello from Spain: you are very brave. A great makeover. I prefer the long hair. Keep in touch

  4. You look really cute with your new look!I really like this childish hair cut! XOXO

  5. Your new hair looks great! I have yet to try short hair, haven't had it since I was really young actually! Love the colour of your shorts :D

  6. You look soooo sweet!! nice shorts and hairstyle :) pretty!!

  7. It looks amazing, it's more edgy. I was thinking of following each other. Let me know what you think. My blog is Kisses

  8. cute outfit

  9. OMG girl! You cut your hair!!!
    Proud and happy for you! <3

    FIERCE ;)

  10. That outfit is so cute!!
    Much love,


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