Sunday, May 12, 2013

Cheers to Forevermore

Hey! So its Mother's Day today! How's everybody celebrating?? Have you made sure your mom felt special today? Well for me, it's another Hallmark holiday event because everyday we should be making our mothers special but I don't have any problem joining the bandwagon anyway. 
 Flowers and chocolate from my dad and present from my sister and me

First, we ate outside at a buffet place, Ton Yang or Tong Yang? I'm sorry, too lazy to Google. Anyway, it's a famous resto so I'm sure most of you know it. 
 I sure ate a lot! I don't know but I got a headache after eating that much, is that normal?
 My parents usual dining photo
 The unrecognizable Bea and Ina pic. We look so much different and I much older than her when sh'e the one who's older than me!
 Happy Mothers' Day!!!! I love you Mom! Even though I always bug you or contradict you, I love you to death!! I'm really lightheaded right now so I'll just edit this and give you a sweeter message next time. You don't read my blog anyway! :>
 Dad and mom eating. YUM
 My sister's big faceeeeee

 Hate that sunnies of my dad! But anyway, you'll see more awkward photos here as you scroll. Sorry Mom for uploading a closed-eye shot of you, haha 
 So after eating, we went to Paranaque to visit my relatives and celebrate Mom's day with them! So meet my beautiful titas with my mom. Also, I took three outfit shots today cause my sister's going away for two weeks with the cam! Oh the cons of sharing almost everything! I had to take outfit shots in advance so this blog will be alive.
Left to Right: Tita Dottie, Tita Ada (sisters of my mom), Tita Rose, mom and me 
 Even though we both look ugly here, I can't help laughing at your face, Mom! Epic! Best Mom's day shot ever!
 My cousin for underarm commercial. What do you think? haha
 Always love taking pictures of my Aunt Ada!
 Mom and son photo for Mom's day. My cousin won't agree to take a decent picture of them *shrugs*.
 Yo would think I already ate enough and won't have any appetite for pizza? Hell no! 
 The mom of the moms, my great great Nanay!!! 

My nanay with her daughters

Happy Mom's day to all your moms!!!!!!!

P.S.To all Filipinos out there who are registered voters, do vote wisely tomorrow!!!! It's for the FUTURE of the Philippines!


  1. Hello from Spain, Happy Mother's Day. In my country we celebrate the first Sunday of May. It's a very family party. Nice pictures. Keep in touch

    1. Oh is that so? That's my first time to hear that! Belated Happy Mom's day then!

      Thanks, Marta!

  2. nice photos :)
    you spent great time with your family :)

  3. Hahah, your family is so cute! ;p Love your blog ;*


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