Thursday, May 16, 2013

To the Eternal Child

When you've forever thought that planned outings never happen and don't bother to do anything to change that habit, you'd think nothing will happen unless it's sudden. But you can't underestimate the thirst for amusement park bonding you heavily need after months of not personally seeing one another and house bumming and school work and whatever you and your friends are into except for the fact that you've unconsciously didn't exert any effort to catch up in person. Oh well the powers of nostalgia, friendship, sisterhood and....EK! (Woo! That must have been the longest sentence I've ever written!)
Excited (and nervous!) for the day ahead

 Snapped a shot of these two after a restroom break and before going back to the car to meet some more friends
 So much for my verbosity and just simply wanting to say, I spent two days with this lovely bunch! I couldn't say it was rest from all the work I'm squeezing in before summer ends and academics start to hunt me again because night kwentos sure made me tired and much drowsier as I type now.
Left to Right: Sam, Mich, Tito Mike
 Thank you to Tito Mike (Mich's dad) for getting us to EK and a special shoutout to Sam (sister of Mich) as well who joined in the fun! 
Forgive me as my Alzheimer's disease symptoms are setting in to quickly forget the chronology of what transpired just two days ago. The order is just a blurry matter now, let's just focus on the gist, shall we? :>
Walking to the Ride of Doom (that hell no, I'm not going to get my butt into) 
Call me killjoy or corny or loser, whatever. Your insults can only do much, I am never going to ride the Space Shuttle or any other ride that can classify as a roller coaster. My friends did leave me and I officially was appointed their (feeling) photographer for the day. 
 Tried this before and that dementor-depicting memory is enough to block me from giving it a shot another time 
Lucky me, it rained hard so my friends weren't able to drag me more to extreme rides which I don't understand the point of being ecstatic about because I'll decline anyway but arcade games are much more fun and relaxing to me than breaking my head off in park rides. 
Ate pizza and lasagna which made our stomachs full and therefore, unprepared for other rides so..
we watched the theme park's show first featuring the reincarnation of the Michael Jackson and other star-studded opening acts,
 took time to take pictures (Outfit post on Sunday!), 
laugh at made-up poses,
and then took the ferris wheel ride that I'm proud to say I'm not afraid of or not as scared as my other friends who Aila here can't even loosen her grip on those bars but managed to conquer her fear for a camera shot.
 Posting this picture of Mich and I because for once, I looked decent :p
But not as fierce as Zarah! Look at how her new curls fly with the air and makes me miss my long permed hair more. </3
We went swimming the next day and since official results are out, we deem it okay to have our own print screen version of Jack Enrile's commercial ad without being judged if we're promoting him or not. 
But as there's no one available to take the picture, I gladly accept my fate as the missing member and the present photographer. 
 Soo fresh after being darkened by chlorine, eating restaurant-worthy Tita Letty (Kara's mom) lunch and before singing like the divas that we are.
I love you B8! Let's enjoy life together till we can! 


  1. Replies
    1. Oh that's my friend Aila wearing her Superman tee. I'll make sure to tell her! Thanks, Vendy!

  2. This looks like SO much fun. I am glad that you were able to get together.

    1. Oh thank you Shannon!! It's always fun to be with friends you treat like your sisters, right?! :>

  3. awesome pictures dear !! like it
    have a lovely day

    1. Thank you, Delia! Have a lovely day too!

  4. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. Lots of fun. I really like amusement parks. Keep in touch

    1. Thank you so much Marta! Oh me too! But I'm too scared of rides, lol.

  5. Looks that you had ultra fun time. Love it =)xX

  6. lovelovelove! SHall we follow? let me know xse

  7. You look like you had a bunch of fun! Amusement parks are the best :) all your friends are so fashionable too haha :P

    1. oww they'd love to hear that! I'll let them know! Thank you, Mandy!!! :)


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