Sunday, August 4, 2013

In Good Hands

"Oh tingnan mo pa ba? (Will you still look at it?) "

Ate Kim asks me, non-verbatim, after shooting these pictures, and to which I answered in an instant, "Hindi, okay na. (No, it's okay)" 

I just knew that I am in good hands. 
 Life's a constant struggle. Sometimes you feel up, sometimes you feel down. Sometimes you'd want to end it because you're just tired, tired of all the crap. But what makes you strong or forget your problems even for a while are people who'll make you feel you're in good hands, that everything will be all right with them just beside you. 
Today I had the opportunity to open up to my mom. I never really do that because we're always just fighting but it was so comforting to be reminded of her concern and love for me. How can I forget that I've always been in good hands.
SM Tee Culture tee 
 Lovelace Clothing Skirt 
 And for this shoot, I was in terribly good hands (sorry if I keep on repeating that phrase)! I know there's an overly exposure of my baby fats here (that my dad didn't miss to describe as my "preggy look") and my make-up less face that's much oilier in person, but I have to really give major props to Ate Kim's superb photography. I'm not kidding, these pictures are almost raw! 
 Boots from Divisoria
 Sparkle and Fade vest
She used natural filters and frames (if that's what you call it) for these creative shots to happen.
Forever 21 floral head wrap
Aldo blue feather earrings 
The composition of her photos are also well-thought, of course. It takes a lot of artistry to be as good as Ate Kim. The only thing I hate about these pictures is that they show all my flaws! I know you know what I'm talking about! But anyway....

I wish everybody will be in good hands this week! :) 

For more photos of Ate Kim, visit


  1. You look sweet my darling! love that dress xx

  2. Wow, grabe ang pambobola haha. Sa uulitin!

  3. Great post!
    x Hannah

  4. You look beautiful and your positivity is shining through in these pictures!

  5. these are beautiful shots! love your skirt x


  6. beautiful photos!

  7. Hello from Spain: beautiful pictures. I like your shoes. The outfit is fabulous. Keep in touch

  8. These photos are lovely, and /no/ I don't know what flaws you're talking about! These are seriously gorgeous, and you're radiating happiness. I'm happy for you that you got to have a deep conversation with your mom <3

  9. lovely outfit
    i really like your denim vest

  10. Perfect outfit!

  11. Stunning photos!

  12. I really love your look and blog !!
    I followed you on GFC hope you back :)

  13. I love the post and the outfit matches so well!!


    Website | Winston & Willow



  15. Hey, just letting all my dear readers that I moved my blog
    to this NEW URL and that to keep in touch
    you can now follow me on bloglovin'
    have a great day! :) hope to count you on my new follower list!


  16. OMG lovely look! I just love the boho vibe of your outfit and the snaps are amazing! Would you like to follow each other?


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