Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Let's Talk About Hair, Baby

Let's talk about hair. 

But let me break it down to you first. I'm clearly not an authority in this area because when it comes to hair, I'm one lazy bum!  

I don't know how to tie my hair in all different styles and I rarely comb it as well. But as a number of FB photos surfaced with me sporting messy hair, I'm trying my best to break that habit because as we always say, our hair are our crowning glory!! It changes someone's face entirely! It can really make or break your look, guys. 

I may not fix my hair on a regular basis but it may be fairly accurate to say that I'm willing to go leaps and bounds in changing my hair style every now and then. 

I've had a pixie cut in my kindergarten days and endured a wavy, shoulder-length, thick hair in elementary. I decided to have my hair straightened that lasted for six months when I was in junior high school and unwillingly cut my hair into an apple style when I became a senior. In college, I went bolder and had it permed and dyed. Now, I'm back to being a pixie head. 

But I admit, I so miss my long, permed hair! Which is why I'm eternally grateful to the genius who made HAIR EXTENSIONS. It's the heavenly hair solution for us pixie heads! I mean, we do not have to wait for weeks and weeks that may seem like years until our hair grows back and we can play around with it again. Hair extensions are made just for that!

There's this great site that sells tons of hair extensions of different, celebrity-worthy styles. You can try wavy, straight, curly, anything that floats your boat! Go visit the site now,  


  1. super cute pics dear
    happy day

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    1. thank you, vendy! happy day to you too! :)

  2. cute blog!

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  3. Beautiful pictures its so adorable.

  4. cute pictures....i like your long hair

  5. Such a lovely post
    love Vikee


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