Saturday, September 28, 2013

#OOTD Story: Covered in Print

To become a top blogger is her dream.

So she played copycat, and mixed prints like only a true blogger would do.
She tried to pose. Looking at the side, 
covering the lips, 
and smiling with no teeth.
Tomato (Camille Co's Capsule Collection) Printed Varsity Jacket; SM GTW Shopaholic printed shorts, The Ramp White dress worn as top; Blue Ring from Dad's trip to Davao; necklace from sponsor (If you're the one who sent this to me, kindly leave a comment or an e-mail so I can credit. :))

But she still ended up in the shadows as herself, with that little smile she can proudly call hers. 


  1. Love your look!

  2. Hello from Spain: you look like a top model ... I like your shorts. Keep in touch

  3. The jacket is so cool! :)

    FashionEvELand | FEEL

  4. you look super gorgeous
    beautiful outfit
    love Vikee

  5. We love varsity jacket! We have bought one, soon on the blog!

    1. oow would love to see it! Thank you, guys!


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