Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Treasuring the Old: Makati Cinema Square

That time of the month has come when wallets become empty but the same fashion appetite that never gets satisfied remains. True-blooded fashionistas don’t ever let their cravings unattended. They’re resourceful buyers, creative hustlers and bargain hunters who would scour for fab items under a not-so hefty price tag.

One Friday afternoon, the (then) YAWYW team found itself at Makati Cinema Square to check out what this cheap haven has in store for budget fashionistas out there.

Second-hand clothing stores, or more known as ukay, are lined up next to one another giving a thrift shopper no means to escape until all the hidden treasures are dug upon.

Luckily during our thrifting adventure, there were only few buyers and it was no hassle to go through an item to another, a shop to the next.

There are authentic shoes, bags and clothes sold for so much less. Shoes and bags are at prices ranging from P1,280.00 to P45.00. The clothes are cheaper at P180.00 to P50.00. New arrivals are priced higher at P1600.00 to P150.00 that eventually will be discounted after a week of not being sold. So whatever day you pay these thrift shops a much worthy visit, their already low-priced items are always, always for sale. Anytime of the year!
Other trivia you may want to know, according to one vendor: (1) the items are shipped from Hong Kong; (2) they restock every two months; (3) Shoe sizes for women are mostly 5, 6, and 7; (4)and generally, like the usual, menswear are costlier than women’s apparel and shoes.
My former co-intern Geisha and I were devirginized from never buying anything at a second-hand clothing store to scoring some really good buys. It’s ripe time to break the habit anyway and spend a little money for maybe once-used items but sure are, still of style.

Makati Cinema Square is located at Pasong Tamo corner Pasay Road, Makati City. 


  1. how many shoes dear
    happy day


  2. There its nothing wrong with thrift shop sometime you find treasure for less. This store has alot to choose from.

  3. wow. great finds at low prices! where's your internship? :)

    1. You Are What You Wear.http://www.yawyw.com/
      But I left already. They're looking for interns! Go apply, if you want to!


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