Saturday, November 9, 2013

Polyvore Saturdays: Trendspotting

Oh how I missed this blog segment of mine, Polyvore Saturdays! I haven't opened my Polyvore for about a month now, so it was really quite refreshing to see my dashboard again. Just to let my creativity flow and create mood boards of my fashion inspirations at present time is the perfect weekend breather, aside from watching movies I suppose.

I am a big fan of Tricia Gosingtian's blog, and I love it every time she'd post about fashion's current trends. Not to mention, I'm also becoming a loyal visitor of Who What Wear blog and trying to be more active in Lookbook these days, which brings me to make another round of Polyvore sets inspired by the latest trends! 

1. Plaid

Trendspotting: Plaid

Trendspotting: Plaid by beatricemalveda featuring black ankle boots

Plaid is everywhere! But you don't have to confide, be boring and just don another plaid ensemble. Stand out among those plaids by unleashing your inner coolness and ultra street chic.

2. Envelope Skirt
Trendspotting: Envelope Skirts

Trendspotting: Envelope Skirts by beatricemalveda featuring a valentino eyewear
I am so digging the laid back Cali girl style of Rumi Neely and how she effortlessly looks chic every single time. This mood board I believe is screaming Rumi Neely all over. Envelope skirts are hot these days so you better try it out!

3. Varsity Sweater

Trendspotting: Varsity Sweater

Trendspotting: Varsity Sweater by beatricemalveda featuring Acne Studios
Is it just me or it's getting really sickening to see too many varsity sweaters? Well, I'm not complaining if it's styled flawlessly with a twist. Pair it up with another equally hot trend these days, leather dungarees, and be trendy but unpredictable.

4. Midi Skirt
Trendspotting: Midi Skirt

Trendspotting: Midi Skirt by beatricemalveda featuring a pink purse
I absolutely am a sucker for midi skirts! Though sometimes they make me look pregnant and a tad bit shorter than I already am, I am still so darn in love with the flow, the class and the vintage-ish-ness it has!

Trends may come and go but we do know that style is eternal. Try out trends but do not forget to inject your personal style. Make the trends YOU. That's how you'll stand out.

P.S. Super typhoon Yolanda has left the Philippines! We're all safe and cozy now! I do hope we continue praying for those whose families and homes were terribly devastated by the calamity. Let us be one in helping the Philippines rise up and rise greater than this adversity. 


  1. Iadore that last outfit... midi skirt... amazing... vintage...

    1. The pieces are so beautiful, right? Thanks Miss Twiggy!

  2. nice selections!


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