Tuesday, December 3, 2013


Today is my 19th birthday.  Today I went to class and had a food trip at a restaurant in SM North Edsa. Tonight, I ate with my family and celebrated my 19 years over dinner. And also today is the first anniversary of my baby blog.

Looking back at the year that passed, I can accurately say that much has changed. Before, I was the girl who’d visit fashion blogs everyday and dreamed of having one someday. Now, I’m the fashion blogger questioning fashion blogs.

Fashion blogging is narcissistic. It is the peak of shameless self-promotion. It promotes consumerism; and fashion encourages materialism. Fashion puts in vivid display the wide gap between the rich and the poor. It reinforces further the hierarchy in our society, how the elite class splurges on material wants while the poor hardly have money to spend on material needs. Fashion is an illusion of freedom of expression. It is shallow and superficial. 

Fashion is this; fashion is that. I can go through a hundred more criticisms but this one blog post is obviously not enough. I have no plans of addressing one anyway. I am not here to argue; these may all, in some or most ways, be true. (Do know that I don't intend to generalize or offend anyone.) 
But more than anything, fashion, for me, is an art.

I survey paintings the same way I glance at clothes. I see artists and art lovers the same way I look at designers and fashionistas. They have the same adorable rage and passion for art and life. They have the heart for what they do, confidence in their own skin and the drive to succeed. Most of all, they are happy in life.

Just recently, I realized that my affinity to fashion is not because of the worldly pleasures it promises but because it brings out the capability of the human mind to think and create art. I am in love with the creative process; I just am.
I was introduced to fashion rather differently though. Idolizing Tyra Banks who’d boost the confidence of girls by making their fashion dreams happen, I saw fashion as an advocacy to empower women.  I have nothing against Tyra Banks; God knows I love her.  
But now for me, fashion is more of an art than an advocacy. It is rather shallow to equate great beauty to clothes, inner confidence to material things. To see beauty or confidence in a certain set and type of clothing is to say that those who can’t afford the same luxury are ugly.
I say fashion is more of an art for us to appreciate. Like movies and music. Unlike those fields, not all may love fashion;  but those who do, reeeeeeaally do. There are some who are crazy and that’s not bad. Admit it, the fearlessness of those who sport quirky fashion and are not afraid to stand out and be judged wherever, whenever, is something to look up to.
So is this the same as saying fashion is an art without purpose? I don't believe so. What fashion does do is to address the low self-esteem issue at the surface. We all want to be dolled and dressed up even just for a day in our life simply because it's different from our ordinary. We feel good when someone tells us we look beautiful or they like what we're wearing. Almost instantly, we feel confident and reassured that we do look good for that day. Our actions follow and good vibes flow. You may argue that this is an illusory, worldly kind of confidence but you can't deny that it does exist to make us smile a little. 
Right after appreciating comes participating. You have to understand that in order to get in and stay in the industry, you have to be committed. Fashion is not just a business; it is a way of life. You either commit to it or not at all. 
So for some (or most), this blog may be narcissistic and elitist. But at the end of the day, this blog is my art, the product of hard labor, time and love. It makes me live life with passion and function. It hasn’t reached much, yes. But I’m proud of it nonetheless. 
Maybe someday, I'd be able to influence others with my story and fashion interest without forgetting of course that it's not the clothes that make one beautiful, confident and successful. It's the passion and the belief that you actually already are.

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MY DEAR BLOG! Thank you to all of you guys!!! Lalalalaalove!!! <3

Photos by the Kim Pauig!!!! (Thank you Ate for making one of my dream shoots happen! <3 )


  1. The photoshoot is so cool!
    Happy Birthday girl!

    FashionEvELand | FEEL

    1. I always love shooting with my friend, Ate Kim:)

      Thank you, Eva!!!

  2. happy birthday sweetie

    Loving what you have on sweetie , u r definitely a real fashionista and know how to put together a gorgeous outfit

    I Have a new OOTD (( STRIPS MADNESS FOR FALL ) , must see


    P.S. Follow me on insta & i will instantly follow back @nanyslife

  3. Hi! Happy Happy Birthday to you and your blog! I was so inspired with this post; it's very substantial. It also made a huge impact on me. May God bless you more! :)

    1. Aww thanks for taking the time to read, Anna!! and for your greeting too:)) May God bless you more as well! :))

  4. Happy Birthday to you and your blog! What an inspirational post this was! I love what you said about how personal style/fashion bloggers appear narcissistic but at the end of the day, this is a form of artistic expression for us.

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  5. Happy birthday and happy anniversary! I agree with most of what you said here. Much can be said about fashion and fashion blogging. To each her own. But at the end of the day, it's all about you and what fashion is TO YOU. It can be different things to a lot of people because it is subjective but at the same time, that's what makes it limitless and that's what makes it exciting and powerful.

    1. Thank you so much, Miss Camille! I never thought you'd really comment! I really love your passion for fashion! :))

  6. Happy birthday http://thesweetsuggestion.blogspot.it/


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