Friday, December 27, 2013

Project De Leon: The Bling Ring

My cousins, sister and I had been planning a shoot ever since Kuya Carlos got home but we never really had the time to do it until two days before Christmas. As they say, Better late than never! 
But since we're cramming, we didn't really have a plan sketched out. We don't have prepared clothes, or even a concept to begin with. Lucky enough, Kuya Carlos brought his Canada-suited sweaters here in the Philippines, and they were perfect for my sister's YOLO/bedroom shoot idea. The holiday season is ripe time for sweaters anyway. We sure had fun! 

You might think my fashion blog is fast becoming a photoshoot blog, am I right? I'd beg to differ because I think these are all still encompassed by the artistry of fashion and okay, partly me just wanting to bond with family through pictures. Though this is another suggestion for your next shoot! No need for heavy make-up or salon hair, you can be as casual as this and still look chic! :) 

Disclaimer: We might look wild here but we didn't really do any of the outrageous sort aside from trying fierce shots we don't normally do, haha. No one even had a sip of that alcohol. Bit defensive here for nothing, huh? Just want to get it clean out there. =)

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  1. Fabulous shoot! You guys look like you are having a blast!


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