Sunday, March 2, 2014

March is for Malveda

March is for Malveda. No, not for me but for my sister, it's a big, big month. Let me start that list of BIGs with her modelling debut here at my blog. So hey guys, if you don't know my sister, she's this tall tree standing at your screen right now. In my eyes: Philippine's rightful Mirabella (not to say that Julia lacks something physically for the role but...). I'm just kidding, of course. My sister is my next Shamcey Supsup and since I'm done insulting her, let me be nice at the rest of this post.

March is the month my sister will turn a year past twenty! I can't believe she's that old already because ever since, she had just always looked like my old teen sister to me. Oh well, we might not be growing any younger in number, but we remain the same 8-year-old and 10-year-old girls inside our aging, aching bodies. 
Then after March 20, her 21st birthday, it's my sister's college graduation on March 26! Finally, she's graduating from Architorture, I mean, Architecture. After 5 long years of torturing herself, the end has finally come. haha of course, it's not all hardships. Case in point: she had time for this shoot. 
All I really want to say is...You've done it, Ate!!!!! I'm so,so proud of you.  I can't wait for all the beautiful things yet to come in your life.....and all the freebies in store for me, harhar.:p Just don't forget my movie date and extra cheeseburger every pay day, and I'm fine. Love youuuu

Photos and post-processing by me :)


  1. Great photos! You are amazing!:)

  2. Nice sporty look!


  3. That is so great! I just love your outfit. That striped top is stunning.

  4. perfect stried top dear
    happy sunday

  5. love this look!:D

  6. Great post! Advanced Happy Birthday sa ate mo :)

  7. Cool look!

  8. ur look is so cute , i love it so effortless and yet so chic <3 I am new at blogging , it would mean a lot to me if u check out my blog and give me your honest opinion :):)
    Keep up the amazing work <3

  9. beautiful pictures
    you look amazing

    love Vikee

  10. love your glasses !!

  11. Your outfit is so much fun and it makes me all the more excited for spring!

    Sierra of and


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