Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Someone Just Graduated

Remember me blabbering about March as the month for my sister? It really is! I was supposed to blog this 
overdue post yesterday to end the month but was only able to edit the photos just now (yey to end of sem!). So my April fools treat for you is an overload of sissy's graduation day happenings. It's up for you to find the connection, if there is any. 
After the graduation rites at UST, we fetched my cousin from home and went to Sambokojin West Avenue to celebrate.
I'm so proud of this milestone in my sister's life. Cheers to many, many more and to my pending free lunches/dinner/movie/bag/shoes/clothes as soon as you get your 1st pay! Chos! Love you and I know you are far more capable of greater things. <3


  1. Awww that is so so wonderful! What a huge milestone. It's always great to have family around during those times.

  2. wow!!love the pictures!!! Congrats to your sister!! Loads of luck <3
    The Sweet Life


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