Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Back-to-School Wishlist

Please bear with my lousy title that came out of creativity drain and of practicality. Well----it tells you what
this post is! lolz. Whether you're already back to school, a week more in vacation or like me, you have about two months more, you need to check your closet if these essentials are ready. 
I don't know about you but in college, you don't really have to bring a big backpack like in high school where you have many books. All you need is a pen and a paper for your classes. I think these shoulder and satchel bag from Sheinside are good choices for your next bag shopping!
 Don't dare kill yourself with 5-inch stilettos. You're not going to a social event, for goodness sake. If you want comfort, there's no other way to go but to wear flats! I do have nothing against those who feel comfortable in heels but I just personally really like girls who can look extra stylish with flats. White shoes like this white oxfords can go perfectly well with any outfit.It can transform a party dress into a somehow casual ensemble for school. This leopard loafers look chic with pants and/or shorts. Prints like this can look cheap at times so you have to be careful with your choice. Lastly, the black ankle-strap shoes make you look sexy and tall. You can get all these from Sheinside too!
 You'd want to turn heads while you're at school. A catchy line in your t-shirt might just do the trick. Or a school shirt with a cute design. You're a teenager so dress young while you can! (though I'm not able to apply this) That "Monday Chic" shirt is perfect for a day other than Monday, lol. Or wear the "Swaggie" shirt in your first day of school. It might just help you release some nerves. And if you're a Pottermore, wear a shirt from the coolest school built ever in history!
 If you're late for a class, wear a dress! If it's hot, wear a dress! If you want to look fashionable and cute at the same time, wear a dress! Colorful dresses make my days bright like the left one above. A denim dress is just right for school. And what can get more casual than a gray dress with a sunflower print? (All from Sheinside but I lost my links!)
If you don't have denim in your closet, then from what planet are you living in??? This material is just so perfect for school. Ripped pants are in these days which you can wear with sneaks, boots, or the white oxfords above. High-waist shorts make your legs look longer and printed ones especially with polka dots make you look younger!

It's not too late to revamp your closet for school. Sheinside is just around the corner to give you what you need. How I wish I have all the money to buy everything in this back to school wishlist! :) How about you? Is your closet already prepared for school? 


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