Friday, June 6, 2014


It has become clear to me that in our times now, those who succeed are skilled in many fields. Jobs want or 
demand their employees to do almost anything and I reckon that magazines require this best. So for the future and because I simply love capturing moments and turning them into creative outputs, photography slowly became close to my heart. Won't say I'm already good at it but I'm trying to develop the little skills that I have. 

Photographing people is definitely the area I want to get my hands on. And the victim of my experimentation? My sister, of course! :) Here are shots I took in the family outing of my dad's organization. Plus, it helps that my sister is wearing a sunflower printed top and denim cut-offs that are perfect for summer! 
Keds sneakers
Cotton On cropped sunflower top
I am a work in progress as I have yet to try interesting techniques and work with the wonders of light. Add to that the fact that I need to save more money for camera gear! Everything takes time, I guess. Just expect more fashion photography in my blog posts from now on! :)  


  1. Amazing pictures
    You look fabulous

    Love Vikee

    1. I'm sure my sister will be happy with your sweet comment! Thank you! :)


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