Sunday, June 22, 2014

Shop to Watch out for: THNK PRNTS

Wrote a heartfelt write-up for this but my sleepy, groggy self accidentally deleted it and quit Microsoft Word
without saving so when I woke up after about 3 minutes, it was all GONE! To defend myself, it was 3AM when I was writing my draft which proves my semi-workaholic self that I need rest (sometimes). Anyway, I've been working on this, with the help of my father, sister and a friend for over a year now so it's a dream come true that I've finally released it! Been so anxious for the past days so I'm happy to cross the launch off my bucketlist. 

So what is the shop all about exactly?
PRINTS OVERLOAD! Because it's me and I love prints. 

Our debut collection has handpainted pieces exclusive and unique to the buyer. Only 1 piece per design! You won't see anyone sporting the exact same item!!!

(And may I just say, I did the styling, photography, post-processing and graphics of the shop which is why it's my 2nd baby after this blog!) 

Tee Shirt 


Head wrap

Pencil Holders/Vase
These are just some of the handpainted pieces. Check our FB page, to see more! Hope you like, share and order? :)

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  1. Awesome

    Love Vikee

  2. sweeeet!!!
    follow to follow?

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