Monday, June 16, 2014

Tagaytay Blues

Yesterday was dad's day. We went somewhere near the metro but even after the miles we've traveled 
just to celebrate, I forgot to greet my dad (and give him a special message which we don't do so I consider myself excused)! Don't get me wrong but actions do speak louder than words and even without the verbal greeting, I know I made my dad happy yesterday. We had quite an adventure, mind you.
Our day was supposed to start early with a 10K run scheduled at 5:30 am but a Saturday shoot and a burial kept our tired bodies asleep. The gun was already fired at PICC and runners had started their morning jog but we kept cuddled in our pillows, refusing to wake up at the familiar sound of the cell phone alarm. We woke up half an hour later and decided to take that "planned" drive to Tagaytay.
Sunny skies  and cerulean clouds made me dress like summer never left. Well, not really. I had this outfit planned for weeks but only that day did I have the opportunity to wear it so forgive the untimely #ootd! But still it was perfect because boy was the sun up that day!  Plus blue polka dots, black stripes, red hue are forever my happy colors and patterns. :))
Polka dot top from my aunt, polka dot skirt from mom's teenage years, Kultura floppy hat (available in SM supermalls), Solemate red shoes
Terribly insecure these days because of my fat face, burnt skin and messy hair but trying to overcome  societal notions of beauty, and starting with this post (and photo below, lol)! 
Happy Monday, everyone! 


  1. I didn't notice your skin was burned...and I really don't see what worries you about your looks, you look really sweet and pretty! ...and you kind of remind me of myself when I was a kid!

    Lovely romantic outfit!

    1. Thank you so much, Ivana! That is so sweet of youuuu. I'd love to see photos of you when you were a kid! :)))

    2. well, if I find them (and scan and post them), I'll let you know:)

  2. Replies
    1. Why thank youuuuu! Photos were taken by my sister :)))

  3. Beautiful white and black hats, so fashionable.


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