Sunday, June 29, 2014

What if Nelson Mandela shops at Baggout?

What if Nelson Mandela resurrects from the cemetery of world shakers and gets to live another day on 
Earth to relax for hours, chill on the mountains of Africa, do a talk on racism online? Imagine a freedom fighter for more or less forty years, former president of the African National Congress, and the first elected African-South African president sparing time for himself to shop. 

Imagine the 95-year-old Nelson Mandela holding an Ipad tablet scanning through online shops and settling his eyes on Baggout.  Interesting. 

Here's how I picture his shopping experience will be. 

Mandela will be told of a gathering scheduled in the afternoon, of which he'll be the main speaker of. He had no way to foresee the event so he starts doing what he can to prepare for the few hours that he has before the speech is to be delivered. He sits in his office, studies the ramifications of saving from splurging, checks if there would be any legal conflicts that might arise and consults with his colleagues of the importance of such action before finally arriving with a decision. He'd probably consider the fraction of his bank account allotted for himself and if it is enough to buy an item, and if said item would benefit the good of his countrymen---that is to spark stronger nationalism from Africans and to show other races the beauty of his people. He'd also take a look at his schedule and see if a little "me-time" would be available. 

After considering that he has to look presentable in front of Africa and the world, he'd finally go to the site and scan what would be best to wear for a solidarity speech in front of his countrymen. He'd prolly look for a fitting tie, office slacks, white long-sleeve polo, black leather shoes, and a sleek watch.

I reckon he will only spend 10 minutes or less to choose and buy his own clothes. He hardly thinks of himself, let alone his clothing. But he does believe the importance of grabbing an opportunity to influence the minds of people and one way to do that is through a person's clothing. He is fully aware of this but wouldn't spend too much time for his own benefit. He'll of course spread it out and dedicate longer minutes to shop for his children, grandchildren and wife Graca Machel. He'll pick earrings for the kids that would symbolize their youth, accessories for the ladies to parallel with their beauty and sleek watches or black/printed ties for the gentlemen to look professional than ever. He'll buy his wife a piece of jewelry to signify his promise of everlasting love.

Mandela is a man who finds symbolism and significance in the minutest of things. He will not buy anything from Baggout that won't symbolize a point in time in his life or a relationship that he valued dearly. 

Let's just put it as this. He'll simply buy love at Baggout. 

*This post is for Baggout's existing blogger contest
*I chose Nelson Mandela because I've read his autobiography, Long Walk to Freedom, just a month ago. His life work has inspired me ever since. 

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