Monday, September 22, 2014

Cool School Gal c/o Rosegal

Since my classes started about two months ago, I thought of sharing with you variations of my
favorite go-to pieces for school: skirts and shorts!

In the Philippines, where it is almost everyday hot, (not to mention my semi-public university that gets hotter, considering the lack of funds from the government to improve facilities without tuition increase) shorts and skirts are staples in a woman's closet, or also for men if you want. Anything short, basically. So I decided to skim through this online shop, Rosegal, that sells affordable and stylish clothing. Perfect for school girls like me!

Whenever I'm late for first class (which is almost everyday, btw), you can almost never go wrong in guessing what my choice of wardrobe would be that day. For lazy days, I threw in a skirt for the (socially-constructed) feminine touch it gives my overall ensemble. Skirts are very tricky, it can look casual or it can look like very formal so you really have to choose from the wide range of skirts available that reflects your personality and at the same time is appropriate for wherever you are going that day. In my case, I wear what I feel like wearing (I don't really consider where I am headed). The only criteria is it to has to be fashionable! 

Denim skirt

Printed skirt

Leather skirt

Skater skirt

If ladies rely much on LBDs, I rely much more on my shorts. Denim, high-waisted, printed, sporty, lace, skorts, color blocking, cutoffs, etc, etc. I will wear them all, any season of the year, regardless if my legs are flawless or not. I've said this before and I'll say it again, shorts is a brainchild of a fashion genius. By wearing shorts, a person doesn't have to bear the tightness of a pair of pants and move around without the discomfort of a skirt whenever the strong wind comes. IMO, it's the most comfortable bottom ever made.

Broken Hole Straight Leg Women's Denim Shorts @ $16.80

High Waistline Zipper Ethnic Style Totem Pattern Ladylike Women's Shorts @ $9.30

Mid-Waisted Hemming Design Drawstring Women's Shorts @ $17.56

 Lace Embellished Openwork Shorts @ $10.44

New Women's Geometric Style Pure Color Short Pants Casual Shorts 2 Colors

Geometric Style Pure Color Short Pants Casual Shorts @ $12.76

Vintage Blue And White Porcelain Print Round Neck Short Sleeves T-Shirt And Hot Shorts Women's Twinset @ $33.47  

I found all these items (and grabbed their photos) from Rosegal! Check out the shop's site for affordable, chic finds!!!! Click on the photos for the actual links or visit this site to shop more of their shorts: :) If you're ready to shop, don't forget to use the 8% Coupon Code:joeyCgil :)

P.S. I was supposed to go to Blogapalooza yesterday and blog about it today but it got cancelled because of Typhoon Mario! Hope everyone is safe, warm and dry! Relief operations are being held from here and there so there's no excuse to not help in any way we can! :)


  1. All of these pieces are just gorgeous. Loving those skirts!

  2. what a great post! really loving the skirts!

  3. Nice selection!

  4. Fabulous items

    Love Vikee


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