Wednesday, October 22, 2014

JAPAN Day 2 #OOTD: Oversized

One fashion dilemma that still haunts me up to today are how clothes always look oversized to me. 
There's what I call an "intentional oversized" and there's the annoying kind which bugs me every single time no matter how I try to avoid it. I've never accomplished a perfect fit and today's post showcases another failed attempt. 

Kim Jones's #ootd was the inspiration for this when she also went to Tokyo, with hubby, Jericho Rosales a few months back. What I was simply going for was basic, classy and androgynous just how her #ootd looked like. Received compliments for my outfit which made me happy but uggh, we go back to the issues of the "right fit" again. 
Forever 21 sweater, Landmark Trinoma necklace, SM Quiapo pants, Primadonna flats
THE famous SHIBUYA CROSSING shot. *gasps*
Nevertheless, it was fun trying a style you've probably never seen before in this blog. I live for posts like this! :)

Photos by Patricia Echague and Alissa Lacson
Photos shot on location: Asakusa, Harumi Grand Hotel rooftop and Shibuya

See DAY 1 #OOTD here


  1. Nice outfit! I like your jewerly sooo much!


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