Monday, December 15, 2014

20 years, 4 days

This post features my 20-year and 4-day old self trying to live up to the age by wearing vintage 
glasses and gothic lipstick that looked more like I ate too much Nutella (who knows, I probably did with my current chocolate obsession). Oww and I also tried to put my hair up in a bun and pretend to be conscious of time by wearing a watch I don't normally do. I guess, it is true as they say that your taste in fashion changes as you grow old in digits.

But I'm not that old yet.

So it excuses this denim dress, gray socks and preppy shoes, right? And I badly want to say I popped that dress open to make it look "extra"-ordinary because everyone wears denim dresses now but the truth is I just can't close it properly! I'm eating too much Nutella!! 
H&M dress (700 Yen/P 265.81/$5.9443) || Forever 21 socks (P100+) || Shoes I bought from Japan (999 Yen/P379.19/$8.4854)|| CNA glasses (P300) || (Old) Forever 21 headwrap(P200+) || Aldo watch borrowed from my sister

So staying true to my brand of commoner fashion, this look, from head to toe, just costs P1,285 or $28.748! The Aldo watch came with other straps so my sister switches every now and then, faking the number of watches she has. The H&M dress and shoes were bought on sale that really cut down the prices. The socks were on sale as well and those CNA glasses are much more expensive if you buy in, say, Executive Optical. We all make choices and everything has an alternative. If you don't have enough cash like I do, you got to plan well. Raid sales, look for bargains or hunt for cheaper items that almost look like the expensive one you're eyeing on. Fashion doesn't have to be expensive! ;) 


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