Sunday, December 21, 2014

Hesitant Punk

Stuffed body is a testament to how much I've been eating a whole lot. Burgers, fries, chicken, rice, 
chocolate, chocolate and chocolate!! I blame the food gods for the extra layers of fat in my tummy and now over my whole body. I have nothing against being fat, but I am, of course, not for eating unhealthily. I'm proclaiming, as I do every start of a new year, that I would start living a healthy lifestyle (which means sneaking chocolate harhar)

Anyway, today, despite my mom telling me right before we leave the house that I looked like a suman, I still pushed through this #ootd because of my love for interesting mixes. What do I mean by that? I've always been a fan of breaking fashion stereotypes and mixing different styles which I tried to do for today. Gingham is very sweet and dainty especially if you mix it with a bit of light-washed denim so I thought it would be interesting to pair it with dark-colored lipstick and black gladiators for a "getting there" gothic look. Hesitant punk would be the perfect phrase to describe me for today, I reckon.
Wedge Shoes Clothing Shop gladiators (PhP1,500/ $33.498 ) || Backdoor Studios denim pants (PhP650/$14.516) || H&M gingham leotards worn as top (300Yen or $2.5/Php112.00) || Necklace from Wellmanson Quiapo (Old) 

This is another cheap look because I got that top for 300Yen or $2.5/Php112.00. Gingham, for me, is one of the most classy prints ever and to get it in that price is such a bargain! Plus, it's from H&M. 

Then of course, the cheapest way to look chic is to borrow from someone chic. The tight, high-waisted jeans was borrowed from my sister who bought it at P650 from Backdoor Studios. The shoes are also my sister's which she bought from Wedge Shoes Clothing Shop at P1,500. This type of shoes is very in demand these days and trust me, to get it at a price lower than P2,000 is already a success story in itself! Reminding everyone again that fashion does not have to be costly! ;) Toodles. 


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