Friday, January 30, 2015

First and Last

Guess when I wore this?
New Year's! This is how bad I am in updating my blog now, I'm really, really sorry. Let me start by explaining the title. I wanted to originally post this on the 31st but I had to attend an event and it just had to be pushed to a much later date. Well, this is my first #ootd of the year and the last one supposedly, for January.

I am currently obsessed, like my sister, with collars, that I know my close friends have noticed much. I also worked with layers because this was supposed to be worn in Baguio and the top is too bare for my parent's liking. If you look at it closely, my collared undershirt has a polka dot print to celebrate New Year! Wore a floral skirt because we decided to go on a floral theme given that my mom had bought a floral blouse way before we can actually come up with a theme. Wore blue so I can earn many thousands (in peso) this year! Explains everything?  


  1. Love the lace top! The blog is looking great too!

  2. Great mix & match!

  3. You have such a beautiful skin color love your outfit
    I have a new post up :D

  4. Such a beautiful top
    You look amazing

    Love Vikee

  5. nice!
    follow to follow?


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