Sunday, January 11, 2015

Round 2: That Sleeveless Winter Coat

So I got lost in this city of cobblestones and colorful roofs and locked doors and tourists' smiles....

I got lost. And so did this #ootd. 

We did our final stroll in the beautiful city of Vigan and we were set to go to Baguio right after lunch. Long roads and strong winds were my afternoon company and fantasies of cold Baguio filled my mind. 

So this #ootd was supposed to be taken in Baguio, alongside the luscious red strawberries of Strawberry Farm. You can just imagine my dismay that the final kiss of our fairytale trip didn't push through.

I've worn this coat more than two years ago in one of this blog's first ootd posts. It doesn't have sleeves but the texture, the fabric, are no doubt made for the cold. It's from my cousins in Canada, so why wouldn't it be? I also intentionally wore white and red  to go matchy-matchy with the strawberries. I used red skorts my uncle just gave me a few days back and short as it is, I know my legs wouldn't last long in Baguio without high socks that I of course had tucked in my handy backpack, sitting beside my lap in the car. Everything was ready in order to fight the frightening cold! I was really prepared to conquer Baguio but since it didn't happen, I have to settle on Vigan morning snaps. Luckily, this look can go from hot to cold. Right? 


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