Friday, February 27, 2015


I've been a terrible blogger this February. It wasn't just the busy schedule alone, it was just I lost the
drive to conquer my body's exhaustion and most of the time, laziness.

So I beg your pardon for this 2-photo post because I just don't have decent photos to show. Bought this dress for my organization's alumni homecoming which required guests to wear something or anything blue. Zalora, of course, came to my rescue! It was a simple, formal occasion dress that I deem appropriate in meeting my then fellow members and now slaves of the corporate world.
P.S. I had a lot of opportunity to reflect on everything I've been doing lately (since I'm mostly alone and prefer to) and I just realized, I'm putting my life to waste with every second that I choose to slack off. So I swear this March to be more productive ---that is being able to get ample rest and at the same time, being able to juggle all the things I want to do. Amen.


  1. Beautiful dress

    Love Vikee


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