Saturday, March 14, 2015

Of Hippie Things I'd Never Own

Never was the conventional blogger to bother putting makeup for a post (add to that the fact that I 
don't know exactly how makeup works and how to make it work,lol) Though after seeing these pictures, I could only wish I at least dabbed a touch of lipstick in my plain face but then realized again at the point of writing that my blog is for that anyway---celebrating the ordinary, highlighting the common.

Here I am, barefoot, in my joggers, with messy hair and droopy eyelids--- everything unattractive but I'd like to believe, very, very real. Very me. Of course, staying true to my brand, I had on were my usual bargain items that I got from the recent SuperSale Bazaar. The top I got for about P167 and joggers for only P380. No stress!

I also then chose a room where I can be alone and take comfort in the company of many little treasures, of all hippie things I know I'd never own. 


  1. interesting post:) you look great:)

  2. love your outfit!

  3. You look so cute. And I love the circumstances!

    Stop by:

  4. Fabulous top
    You look amazing

    Love Vikee


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