Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Welcome Black

The sun is rising and I'm still wearing black. Black came kind of late in my wardrobe but recently, 
I've been lusting over its many shades and white and gray and brown--thanks to my favorite fashionistas Kim Jones, Nicole Warne, Zoe Suen, Liz Uy and many, many more I'll probably mention in the future. I'm still all for loud colors but really, black is incredibly classic and the same time, trendy, that it won't probably bid my closet goodbye. Ever.

In this look, I had black on black and black. They say when you're small, go on a monochromatic ensemble to make you a tad bit taller. But that actually works, if you're wearing long bottoms when I had a shortage of fabric on this post.

So I'm sorry, I'm losing track. Let's get back to business, shall we? I have on is a black corset from Divisoria, a blazer (P400) and shorts (P600) which were all on sale when my mom and I raided SuperSale Bazaar. (Bazaars are ultimate fashionistas' parties.) And of course, H&M booties which I got for a whooping P700!!! (UGGGH YOU GUYS SHOULD GO TO H&M SHOE SALES)


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