Friday, May 22, 2015

To the North Pole (Mock Collection Pitch for BeBe Philippines)

In days like this when I feel hell, blogging is immediately where I find myself running to. It's 
weird that even if everything I write and publish here automatically becomes public content, I still regard this as my safe  haven where my thoughts are free from judgment (or so I  try to pretend they are). Anyway, I've been dying to share about  one of my favorite classes  in my final semester as  a Journ undergrad (*fingers crossed*)  and now it has come! Introducing youuuu to my CT 118 or Fashion Merchandising class!

You might be confused how this is related to journalism. Well, the UP Diliman Journalism department offers a curriculum that aims to mold us Journalism majors in different fields of our interest so we can know more about the world and write about it as accurately as possible. We are allowed by the department to take 7 free electives from any college of our choice. Being a fashion aficionado,  I've always wanted to take a Clothing Technology elective but never had the guts because I might not fare well with the creativity of the CT majors. But this class has been far from intimidating and it has taught me a lot about fashion I've never heard elsewhere.

As a last project, we were grouped in pairs to present a Holiday '15-'16 Children's Wear collection for the label, BeBe Philippines. I was paired with the ever quirky and fab, Paola Lazatin! We clicked right away because (I think) we kind of have the same taste in clothes that we worked hard to resonate in our collection entitled, To the North Pole. *I was very excited for this because it is my first ever clothing collection!*
Our pseudo-company is called "Peaches & Co." because obviously we love peaches. Duh. Basically, the "company" specializes in manufacturing children's wear and developing its own prints. 

Every design starts with a moodboard where we just kind off throw everything that inspires us with the target audience in mind. Harry and Taylor were light bulb choices because both are just young and superbly chic. Something we want Bebe to offer to the kids. Plus these two popstars love prints which is in line with our company's niche. Then since it's for the holidays which call for dressier pieces, we chose peach, olive green and white as our color palette to tie in the festivity aspect and the fact that these are kids we were designing for. Infants, actually because the age range specified was 1-24 months. 

After which, we began conceptualizing the key prints. Paola is such a gifted illustrator and she did all these in Photoshop! I supported her on the background, of course. Polar bears and foxes because they seemed very Harry and Taylor. (Taylor has a song about foxes, wears them on her clothes and Harry idk if he likes polar bears haha)

Anyway, tadaaaa presenting you our final collection! 

I forgot to mention we were assigned to do bottoms so those are joggers, shorts and leggings for 2-year-old boys and leggings, skirts, culottes (for kids, yes!!) and jumper skirts for 2-year-old girls. Paola did the flats of everything again and I was the one who played with the prints and added them all-around.  



Leggings (peach and white for girls; olive and copper for boys)
Jumper skirts

What do you think about our collection? Will you have your infant/toddler wear any from it? :) 


  1. What a great project you guys did a fantastic job!!! Why not consider pitching this for real?

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  3. Lovely post

    Love Vikee


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