Saturday, August 22, 2015

Braid Raid

 Summer days are long over but with how fast time seems to roll these days, it'd be back sooner than
we know it. Add to that the fact that in my part of the Pacific, there is news that we'd be experiencing El Niño till June 2016. It would surely feel like summer never left which means occasional unbearable heat but also, a shorts and skirts spree all year round! I can wear my hair up too, which is great news for mom who somehow manages to nag me daily on putting my hair up.

Braids are always trendy during summer so whenever my trusty cousin is available, I let her raid my hair and give it some braiding love. Here are some basic braids that she does with my hair. Mind you, this is not a tutorial.
French Braid *Tutorial here*

I think french braids are perfect for church. You wouldn't have to check your hair often and be too giddy during the worship services because it just stays put. Perfectly divine. 
Waterfall Braid *Tutorial here*

Since it's summer, you would surely have plenty of time with your girlfriends. A waterfall braid effortlessly gives that dainty vibe. Make sure you visit some vinyl shops and old book stores because that's probably where this hair style will fit in the most. 
Fishtail Braid *Tutorial here*
And now this fishtail braid is for your boyfriend or his mom. It just has this subtle elegance and hint of romance that a monthsary date requires or a brunch with your future mother-in-law entails.

I may not be the most reliable person to do a hair blog post because of how damaged mine is (as the pictures above manifest) but I'm here to tell you guys that even though your hair seems to have gone through World War III, there is hope! Braids or any updo is your hero! Especially when it's summer and the weather is so hot, you'd beg to put it up in a lovely presentation without looking like you just had a bad hair day.

This is how I basically survived last summer and every day of my life, almost.

P.S. Which brings me to this life-changing moment: I need to dye my hair soon! Lucky me, I came across this company called Madison Reed that specializes on hair care. They have this cool  hair dye advisor that helps customers pick the right color for them! Maybe we should all try it out together! ;) 


  1. Hello from Spain: I really like. It is very interesting. Keep in touch.

  2. Braids are so perfect, whether you do one big one or a bunch of tiny ones! Love your suggestions for wearing them.

  3. All three braids look amazing

    Love Vikee


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