Friday, August 28, 2015

The Fashion Empire

Not so long ago, I found my common toes on this fashion kingdom hidden in one of the most 
beautifully named streets of Marikina--Empire Fashion Cafe in Lilac Street. It's been a while since I got fashion crazy and this was one of my life's inner whino moments that I wanted to grab a gazillion pieces but my wallet just wasn't cut out for the challenge. Now I must say, this is not a visually appealing diary, a day in photography that must be forgotten but let's focus on the items, shall we... and how cutey patootie everything seems to be in this chic palace. 

Empire Fashion Cafe just opened last June in Marikina. Basically, it's a treasure chest of everyone's favorite online shops. They have clothes, shoes, bags, eyewear, socks, accessories for both the ladies and the gents. They also have a beauty and a crafts section for the makeup geek and the art savvy. And of course, the best part which makes this place a must visit is on top of everything else, it's a cafe! You can eat red velvet cupcakes or finish a cup of latte while shopping to your heart's (and stomach's) content. [full list of brands here] 

I know online shops are made for convenience but nothing really beats the sensation of touch before you produce your wallet to buy anything you fancy. There's no danger of getting wrong sizes or the wrong color for your skin tone, etc, etc. Plus, you don't have to pay tons of shipping fees from different online shops all at the same time. Just an LRT2 ride to Santolan, a jeep to Marikina and a tricycle to Lilac Street and you're there!

If you're a fashion aficionado and you don't get giddy with this shop full of wanderlust, then you must be nuts! Shopping and eating while spending precious time with your girlfriends then still noooo? Ugggggh. 

And in case you're wondering, this is not a sponsored post. I mean every single word of it. 


  1. Very nice!!!

  2. omg so many cool things! Love the eye rings!

    Come by soon!


  3. Looks like this place is filled with lots of hidden gems!


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