Monday, August 3, 2015


Forever 21 top || H&M pants

It's funny how fashion rolls like a tire. Those on top today may someday land on the bottom and after decades, can be on top again. It's an exciting industry to be in---always changing, never static. Imagine my gasp when high-waist, wide leg jeans were back on trend. My sister and I called it the "elephant" and considering my fascination over the actual animal, I had to get my legs into this trend. 

Even if I love the comfort of flats, these type of pants demand high heels, especially for shorties like me. And as I'm also fascinated with the power of heels to transform a woman's stance, I'd been checking out some on the streets, bazaars, malls and online. Lucky me, I saw a wide variety of heels for everyday here


  1. Love the denim, they give a great retro touch to your outfit!!!

  2. You look amazing
    Beautiful ensemble

    Love Vikee


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