Thursday, October 22, 2015

Thinking out Loud

Top (P350) from Greenhills || Skirt (P45) and booties (P480) from ukay-ukay in Anonas || CNA spectacles (P300)

Staying at home alone gives you ample time to think, and usually, overdo it until the very act crushes you and gets you lost and alone in the middle of troubling thoughts you are absolutely clueless how to fight. But one thing I did learn from these past months is the importance of keeping contact with positive people who can continually inspire your life--no matter how listless it is becoming. I am thankful for my friends for keeping up with my meaningless rants, my moody depression, my 3 am drama and trying their very best to give me real talk  that I ain't gonna accomplish anything if I always dwell on the negative. 


  1. Fabulous skirt

    Love Vikee

  2. gorgeous skirt and shirt!


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