Saturday, October 31, 2015

HoKoThai: Combining the Best of the Orient

A family project is something I won't ever say no to and this definitely lands on the list--my cousin Aika as the model, cousin Danelle as hair and make-up artist, me as photographer and my aunt, Tita Josie as the owner of the shop. It was such a great way to spend another lazy weekend as I get to help and at the same time, bond with my cousins who I haven't had too much contact with ever since I moved to Manila. 
The wonderful lighting, of course, deserves a shoutout which was courtesy of the sun and a wall mirror at a relative's mausoleum. Can you believe it, we actually shot these at a cemetery? Good thing, we're not so much what you call scaredy cats and Aika happens to be one of those models who doesn't say much and is game for anything. 

Anyway, as you are spending quality time with your loved ones, both living and departed, check out Hokothai's girly chic items! They source clothes from Hong Kong, Korea, and Thailand and sell them at affordable prices. Visit their FB page here! I also heard they're going to launch an Instagram page anytime soon. ;) 


  1. That sounds like such a fun experience! It is always great to do things with your family as well :)

  2. Beautiful Darling:) Love this Look:) Just Stunning:)
    Happy Weekend
    Much Love, Open Kloset
    Check Pls my new post, I hope You lIke:) Thank You:)

  3. What a fun project for the whole family! Loving the photos especially the one with the balloons!

  4. Great post
    Fabulous outfits

    Love Vikee


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