Sunday, November 29, 2015


If you think about it, we spend most of our lives in the in-between. Seated on a bus home, inside the train to work, on-board a plane to a new world, and if you're a lucky one, aboard a spaceship to another planet. Or if you're eating breakfast, you are in the in-between of getting hungry and satisfying that hunger up to your last bite. 

Simply put, an in-between is the occurrence of time where you've left the starting point and is now off to your destination, when you plan and head to a goal. You are travelling, you are in a journey, and even when you reach the end, a new journey is set to start. You are again caught in the in-between. 

It sounds mechanical and tiring really is. To get to work, you have to face the hell of traffic. To finish your meal, you have to chew on animal carcass (that is if you're not vegetarian). To fly to another planet, you have to dig upon shelves of books and obtain a science degree, a master's, a P.h.D. Tiring. Frustrating. Endless. But if you don't move, what would you be doing? Sleeping? Gazing on the blue sky until it becomes green? Waiting for your death and expect the stairs of heaven to surface and lead you to another eternal boredom?

But if you think more about it, our time on earth is an in-between from the moment we were born towards our last breath of life. 

The torture of immobility or the thrill of its opposite isn't exactly what moves us to face the in-betweens. It's just because we don't have a choice. We were born to this world as human, that we didn't choose or at least recall of choosing. And as humans, we reach a certain age when we can consciously decide for ourselves, and I do hope that we choose to give our in-betweens a purpose, to make every heartbeat meaningful. It's the only way we can fulfill our innate desires and be able to smile when our eyes close for the last time.

Ultimately, isn't that what we all want?


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