Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Ballerina

As much as I want to reason out a hectic schedule for my blogging absence, I won't cause it's not true. Let's just say I went through a stalking-bum kind of phase and I'm here ending the year reuniting with cousins who flew all the way from Canada, rekindling a friendship with my sister who I haven't talked to for 3 months, and getting inspired from successful creatives and obscure movies that I might just make it big someday.

See, I'm busy catching up with other people's lives. And I'm just squeezing this Christmas overdue post to assure myself that, "Hey blogger Bea, you still exist!" For the most part, it included braving jampacked malls to score this #ootd and shooting this set for the default Christmas pictorial my family had been doing for the past five years. 

Before Christmas day, my mama took out a purple dress from her closet and hanged it where everyone can see as if saying, "If you don't wear purple on the 25th, get out." So I made sure to stick with her color palette and got this top from SM Quiapo for P450! It's not the most flattering, considering the amount of arm fat I've managed to acquire this 2015 but it went nicely with the gray (my new favorite) H&M skirt. I'm not a fan of going completely solid so I just had to finish with a Thnk Prnts headwrap. Everything kinda worked with the pleated skirt and laced-up sandals to achieve that unexpected ballerina look. 


  1. lovely :)

  2. What a lovely outfit (and I love that tree)! All the best to you in 2016.

  3. You look beautiful
    Happy new year

    Love Vikee


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