Sunday, February 28, 2016

Bluer than Blue

Unlike recent shoots (which I haven't posted yet!;)) , I didn't have a concept for this one. Why, there was blue powder available and a Janine Gutierrez X BJ Pascual X Preview shoot that I got inspired of. Consequently, I'm still scrambling for words as I try to make a mental outline of what to write about this set of photos.

All I know is that blue, for most of us, symbolize sadness. It is after all a "cool" color that gives off that calm, but at the same time, somber feeling when we get surrounded with it. It is a lot like sadness, that envelopes our whole being once it reaches its intensity. But when at our life's happiest, it hides somewhere under our skin, alive but silent, until it is summoned again by our subconscious. Like what Pixar's Inside Out taught us, we feel happy because we know how it feels to be sad. My point being, sadness is a basic human emotion, and when we acknowledge it, we become more human.

All of us inhale and exhale sadness, only there are some who exhale it more and some who choose to hold it in. I don't know what I'd rather be, really.

Photography and post-processing by me ;) 
Modelling: Bettina Malveda, Carlos Laron, EJ Lirio, Anton Lirio 


  1. Nice post
    Beautiful pictures

    Love Vikee


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