Wednesday, February 3, 2016


I'm not really into snapping. I just think it's so vain to post selfies or kind of livestream my ordinary, commoner life. I do have an account to follow my fave celebs ala paparazzi and about once or twice, I try it myself.

Well, I just (yes, just!) discovered how to put cool filters on snaps and I know now why people are so addicted to it! My account still remains inactive tho but seeing my fave bloggers dressed-down with funny faces and weird emojis and jeje filters has got me so hooked. One idle morning, I figured doing a Snapchat blog post would be fun.

After all, Snapchat is all about highlighting the common and sharing stories of normal life moments. I'm in my comfiest outfit above--white sneaks, joggers and a turtleneck, sleeveless top with the most stretchable fabric. I do think that top would do good with jeans too. While I was scrolling Zalora, I saw that Guess released new tops, dresses, bags, shoes and of course, jeans! It's amazing that after all the years the brand has been there, it still reigns when it comes to comfort and style.  Check out the new Guess collection here.


  1. Nice

    Love Vikee

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