Sunday, February 7, 2016

Wedding Checks

Considering societal constructions, I bet almost any girl has fantasized about her dream future wedding. I know I did. I am a certified hopeless romantic who once in two weeks indulge on online wedding videos for hours and hours until my roll of tissue runs out. I just can't help being IN LOVE with LOVE,  and how it magically intertwines two strangers' lives. Let's all sigh together because why won't you find it enchanting? Once a stranger, now your lover?!!! It gets me all giddy so might as well just put it out here: Hey random stranger/future groom, I am patiently waiting for your arrival! ;) Lolz kidding aside, in celebration of love month, this post is of course dedicated to all lovebirds!

Below is my short checklist of what makes a dream wedding. Know that I'm really not an expert on romantic matters of the heart so if I forget something, please do leave a comment! 
 or Suit & Suit or Gown & Gown-- whatever works for you and your special someone. ;)  The clothing doesn't have to be under a designer label or the gown embellished from head to toe or the tuxedo tailored to perfection, it just has to make you feel your most beautiful. So when choosing the perfect garment for your wedding, pick the piece that you feel brings out your happiness and makes you radiate with that once-in-a-blue-moon, wedding bloom.
Decide first if you want a relaxing wedding by the beach, a thrilling one at a cliff or a traditional ritual at the silent halls of a church? It's important to consider the number of guests, seating capacity of the church, safety of the guests, availability of the venue and your chosen theme.
Of course, the entourage must also be taken cared of. Part of the reasons you and your special someone got together and reached the point of matrimony is because of these guests of honor. Show them your gratitude by getting the best makeup artist and hairstylist to groom them up and making sure their dresses and tuxedos are under a specific theme. I personally like the idea of different designs for bridesmaids especially that they have different body types and assets to flaunt. It helps to have your bridesmaids decide what kind of dress they like and what they're comfortable with. Still, there should be a certain compromise with their vision and yours. In that way, they get to fully enjoy the ceremonies on your special day. (But then again, the rule of thumb is that you make the final decisions.)
An official unity of two people calls for a celebration. It's up to you if you want an intimate set-up where it's easier to interact and feel more closely attached with everyone, or if you prefer a huge dining hall with people who know how to party! So things to take into consideration are the venue's capacity and its proximity to your wedding location, the set design which must go with your chosen theme, the  table mats and seat covers which must not be of the same color with your entourage's clothing, the food that you judge everyone would like, the lighting and the music to set everyone's mood and the program which must highlight your love as a couple but must not be dragging.
As I said above, I have this habit of binge-watching wedding videos, and to add, looking at pre-nuptial shoots, so I place high value for the documentation of the pre-events and the occasion itself. In the Philippines, the mainstream wedding gods are Bob Nicolas, Jason Magbanua and Nice Print Photography. They come at a hefty price tag but it's something worth investing for. Just think about it. These pictures and videos are what your future children gonna see. When times get rough, they can also serve as a reminder on how much you and your partner love each other. I'm not saying get someone pricey to be assured of an HD video or a hi-res pre-nup shoot because the quality really doesn't matter. What's important is the content and the guys I mentioned up there know how to tell a love story. If you know someone with a lower cost, then that's better. Ultimately, the documentation's purpose is to immortalize the memory of a great love story unfolding.
I've been listing general things above but it's also important to pay attention to small details. Another rule of thumb aside from you making the final decisions is that everything should go under your chosen theme. The wedding cake, bouquet, giveaways, invitation, car service, etc must all have that cohesive vision so your wedding wouldn't look scattered and wouldn't leave guests baffled. Make sure your wedding rings fit both of you perfectly too. I did a bit of research and here are some wedding invites you can check out. You'd want to leave a good first impression on your guests, right? 
I have a confession to make. This list won't really apply to me. If I haven't emphasized enough, I love weddings but for myself, my ideal wedding is simply having my special someone by my side. I can have a whole ceremony with only the two of us gazing at each other and thinking of our future. Well okay, add an officiator and a witness to legalize the wedding and then that's it. You see, the worst nightmare that can happen on your wedding day is your partner ditching you. All other elements come secondary.

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