Sunday, May 22, 2016

Someone's back

 Zara Trafaluc skirt || H&M white sneakers ||Cotton On long-sleeved top || Esprit bag

It feels so weird to be blogging after an almost 3-month-long hiatus. Blogspot features seem all foreign to me! Case in point: I can't even remember how to go to my Dashboard! Although after a good five minutes, here I am back at it again because an inner ghost knocked some sense in my head.

Let me tell you what happened: adulthood. It's messing up whatever ounce of creativity I used to have and making my mind stuck in a rut lately. I don't feel the itch to shoot or the need to bargain with my mom for blogging time or to post something on Instagram that I've left untouched for 11 weeks. 

Nonetheless, the time away made me realize that I'm 21 and my dreams can't stay on hold forever; otherwise, that's just wishful thinking. I just know that I need to get my groove back so expect changes to come to this blog in the next few months. Hopefully, I can lift my spirits up again soon!

Leaving you with a head-to-toe, all solid, go-to outfit because I just wanna get up from the sofa, meet a friend, and talk more about this "adulting" phase.

P.S. My hair doesn't even look like this anymore! And I probably am 10 pounds heavier!


  1. You look amazing

    Love Vikee

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