Saturday, November 19, 2016

Jumpsuit Hunting

After more than a year of moaning at home, I have finally been employed for an 8-hour (although 10 hours to be accurate) office job which doesn't sound that exciting but if you've been bugging your parents for months to save you from boredom, this was really a call for celebration. Plus I get the chance to work for a lifestyle magazine that I have always dreamed of.

These also meant two other things: 1, freelancing had to be put on the side and; 2, professional work staples have to be added to my closet while still being true to my style aesthetic. 

As of late, I am almost always drawn to anything androgynous that can give off an effortless vibe so there was one idea that I enthusiastically entertained in my head: stock up cool jumpsuits. 
This all black jumpsuit would certainly make you feel the girl boss that you are. You may be an assistant or the big boss' secretary but no one can look down on you with a clean, monochromatic look that tells others you are in charge of yourself and your job.

This knitted three-piece jumpsuit lands as one of my personal favorites. It's not a typical silhouette and it meets the professional dress code requirement of most offices while still looking young, hippie, and--aptly described--cool. 

Another of my favorites is this army green overalls. It looks relaxed, effortless but still very trendy and androgynous. Not to mention, this silhouette is taking over the fashion world these days. 

I am a sucker for prints and this jumpsuit would definitely turn heads. Not anyone can pull this off though but it wouldn't hurt to be bold at the workplace sometimes. 

This tribal jumpsuit is a statement piece. I would definitely wear one if I like my bosses to notice me for the right reason, and if I have an event to go to that first impression matters the most. 

Casual Fridays don't mean sacrificing style for comfort. This Viva Vena short-sleeve jumpsuit is the perfect choice to stay chic in the office while being ready for a casual Friday hangout after work. 

All these jumpsuits are from I just recently heard about the site and with all honesty, their online catalog took me back to the good old days of this blog when I'd hunt for clothes almost every week. I am not much of a shopaholic anymore but after seeing StyleWe's selection, I'm thinking of using up all my savings! Before you judge me, go check out the shop's instagram here and see for yourself what I'm rambling about.

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