Saturday, January 7, 2017


Mango orange dress on me; Forever 21 lace dress on my sister
Modelling, Photography, Styling, Hair & Make-up, Set Design, Post-Processing:
Us, Beatrice and Bettina Malveda

An acquiantance of local musician Jess Connelly thinks the Philippines does not need any more creatives. She shares this to L'Officiel Manila as she talks about expanding her craft at a third world country such as the Philippines. Undoubtedly, the economy would benefit more from science and technology than from the arts, a field directly incapable of feeding millions of hungry mouths. This idea stuck to my head.

They say that people should search for meaning than happiness; that once the former is clear, the latter is closer to being achieved. In short, if you find meaning, your life would make sense. When I read that L'Officiel exclusive, I could not even begin to oppose because often, I find myself questioning the essence of what I do or dream of becoming.

Does the Philippines still need more creatives? In a generation of Instagram and YouTube, is there a need for another personality to join and post for the sake of art, for self-expression, for mere human pleasure? What does art contribute to society? Does it change lives or is it just for the intellectual elite to appreciate?

There are a billion answers to those which I won't write here but I do know that as long as man lives, creativity would never die. It runs through every industry this human civilization has built since the beginning of time. It's part of being human, of being superior to other living creatures and having that ability to think and create awesomeness ourselves.

Someday, I want to be a creative with a purpose. To create art that would mean something to others and that would account for change in society.

For now, I wish to shoot beautiful photos with my sister and other visual creators because as they say, Together Everyone Achieves More----hence that overused quote squeezed above.

P.S. Rambling about creativity here because this story drained our energies and counted days to finish. When motivation comes, you ought to make the most out of it!


  1. You and your sister look like twins!

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  2. We do get that a lot! Thanks for leaving a comment, Aki :)

  3. You are both looking good! I love the photos!

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