Sunday, February 12, 2017

In #35mm: All Things Dead

Of course, you don't know that I dyed my hair blonde. I thought it would look good but everyone said otherwiseincluding me and most especially, my mom. So just barely a month with golden locks, I waved goodbye to it and returned to my brown roots. No one noticed. 
Anyhow, before this blonde phase was put into oblivion, I asked my friend Ate Kim Pauig to shoot me in #35mm film because what better way to narrate this story with all things dying: my blonde hair, black ootds, and expired film photography. 
It was work day but we sneaked during lunch, eating our Subway sandwiches for half an hour and strolling around Makati to scout for locations with the least prying eyes. All these to make this dead story alive. Why? I don't know; I just needed to have memories of my most glaring hair color yet. 
Turtleneck top from The Penthouse (Up Town Center) \\ Jumpsuit from Zara \\ Sandals from H&M
I have also been into black since Zoe Suen, Margaret Zhang and Nicole Warne became my style favorites. So much digging them that I'd go to the office in all black but though it's a classic, I still do love to explore the color wheel. Goodbye for now, all-black ootds; welcome bright summer ensembles. 
And to close this semi-uninspired post (sorry), we come to the oversaturated discussion: is film photography dead? Being on Instagram (almost) 24/7, I'm pretty sure it would always have a market like how print would always be alive. We all thought film would be dead back in 1975 when the first electronic camera was introduced but it's 2017 and now back!

P.S. As a point of discourse, don't you think that something dead remains alive as long as someone remembers that it existed before?


  1. you look great:)

  2. Film photography is still the best when it comes to print quality! Lovely photos!

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