Saturday, June 24, 2017

Millennial Tita

A cancelled diving trip to Apo Reef drove our gala-giddy selves to BGC High Street. What we thought would be a photo op with corals and fishes flipped into a photo op with wine glasses and wooden chairs, real quick. Although I preferred the former, there was nothing to complain about as my sister and I embraced our tita selves while tried to stay true to our quote, unquote millennial generation.

Yes. Let it be known that we staged going to a cafe with nice interiors and ordered wine just for the gram.
Ever since we joined the labour force and are now earning our own keep, we've been going to cafes around the metro to search for the best Instagrammable spots for the best Instagram content. We consider ourselves titas as we find the quiet, attractive and the wine, affordable. We consider ourselves millennials as we make sure everything is documented. 
Off-shoulder top and culottes from Greenhills || Glasses from Sunnies Specs|| Mandals from SM Women

The #ootd is, of course, a must. Sometimes, I buy clothes on trend to challenge myself if I could make it stand out among a sea of girls wearing the same style. No doubt the "off-shoulder" has become the Philippines' summer uniform; so instead of wearing it with the usual skater skirt or denim pants, I matched mine with millennial pink culottes and tita mandals.  
My sister, on the other hand, went all out in embracing her titaness and wore a black lace top while fiercely braving a dark red lipstick. To state the obvious, I am most comfortable to photograph my sister and be photographed by her. 
We are at ease with each other's company, but anyone can join us for wine, anytime! If you're in the Philippines and want to shoot, feel free to contact me and let's go do this!


  1. haha love the millennial check list
    gorgeous photos

  2. You both looks great! Hope you had a fun day!

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  4. Nice top!

    My new blog...


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