I am a twenty one-year old, Journalism graduate from UP Diliman. I'm a blogging explorer, not tech-savvy or a music/movies know-it-all, more so not a walking fashion magazine page. I just live within crowds, allowing them to take me wherever. But since I became a young adult, I feel that time is pressuring me more to chase after my dreams. And this blog is one of them!

I rarely accessorize. I repeat clothes. I don’t know how to apply make-up or fix my hair. I pose awkwardly. I am clueless about solving all blogger problem crap. Everything is crossed out in my fashion blogger checklist but I’m taking a risk to move just one step past the borderline between fantasy and reality, from daydreaming zone into the alley of living life as I want it to be.

And oh, I am usually as verbose as this. 

The description above was written weeks before I started this blog on December 3, 2012. I was this optimistic ball of passion, doing everything I can to get closer to my fantasies.

Much has changed since then. For one, I'm already a working adult, surviving from paycheck to paycheck. For two, my parents are expecting (or so I think) their return of investment so pressure on me to get a job that pays.

Nonetheless, much has also stayed the same. I'm still as verbose as ever and still trying to find motivation and reach for my dreams. Truth be said, my dreams are not as clear as before so sometimes I'm energized, sometimes I'm not. It's the daily struggle of being a soul-searching adult.

Simply put, please bare with me that most of the time this blog would go on hiatus, but do know that it's not dead. This blog would always be alive in its free Internet space. It's just here. I'm just always here.


  1. Hi Beatrice!!

    You are just darling. Thank you for finding me so we could be blogging friends!! I love how you admit you aren't perfect, but really no blogger is perfect anyway!! I'm not into makeup all that much either. I love daydreaming. Your blog is just cool.

    Following you now :-)
    XO Jenna

  2. Thank you so much, Jenna! This made my day! <3 You are so sweet! Keep in touch!!!

  3. Hey Beatrice - thanks for dropping by my blog! Love your cute outfit in this picture complete with a camera :)
    Followed on Google Friend Connect!

    gz x

  4. Lovely blog, I am also following.:) I am a lot older then you but age is just a num. Right?:)
    Take care and keep in touch

    1. Thanks, Claudia! of course! :))

      Sure, you too! =D


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