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Friday, March 15, 2013

Three Times a Charm

I don't know if it's a criminal offense in the fashion world to repeat something because if it was, I would have been sentenced to life imprisonment a long time ago. I'm not rich so I have to learn to economize or this blog wouldn't run. 

You might believe two times is a killer and three is just too much but when left with both no choice and money, you'd have to settle and forget you wore it sometime before. Think of it. There's really nothing wrong in repeating. You don't buy an item to wear it once! 

I was told beforehand by Ate Karla, the one who invited me, to wear something in accordance with the theme, "Summer Gold." I had no idea what Summer Gold is so I implored the help of my good, old friend Google. I thought it was a mixture of something representative of summer paired with a gold top or bottom. So I prepared a completely different outfit than this one! Even if I do believe that there's nothing wrong in repeating, I think it's a very safe choice to wear this dress again but I was so afraid that everyone would be in white and gold so I made sure I follow the memo. 
Cotton On white dress
Oxygen gold vest
Arm cuff from a tiangge in Trinoma
Forever 21 flower head wrap
OMG, I love this head wrap! I tried this whole ensemble on without it and I looked completely different! Small details can really make a big difference so you always have to give them some of your attention, if not all. 
Red Pumps by Ron Ramiro heels

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mango Magnified

I was surprised when my high school friend Kara left me a message on Facebook. Kara's one of my closest friends, part of Beyond 8, but we rarely talk with each other these days because of our hectic schedules so I wondered what's with the random pm. 

Until I saw what it was for.
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