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Sunday, April 21, 2013

On New Beginnings

TADAA! Here's another reason why I haven't posted outfit shots for so's because I was hiding something. I think it deserves a grand welcoming to this blog, haha. Not that it looks great because it's one of those things that either works for you or not or there are momentary spasms of liking and then twirls back to distaste. Oh, I tell you we have  that  kind of relationship right now.  I took  quite some time to look  at the mirror and say all the criticisms I can think of so I wouldn't get hurt when someone actually  throws a hate ball at me . :)
 Forever 21 Head wrap
 Oh yes, I cut my hair. Not just a trim, not just a treatment, it is what I would like to call a full-blown cut wherein the hairdresser ties your hair into a ponytail and cuts it like an 8-year old boy would do. Of course, the styling follows after.

Monday, April 8, 2013

The Season of Flightiness

I've been staring at the monitor for the longest ten minutes of my life and I still don't know what to write, thinking about blog post ideas and scratching them the moment my hands touch the keys.  

Probably because the fact that I'm already on summer break still hasn't sank in and I'm still on a daze after all the school work I managed to finish. SUMMER. *little shriek*
Accessorize flower clips
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