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Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Fashion Commoner X Fashion Ritual: UKAY SALE

  I've been meaning to sell some of my clothes that I have no plans of wearing again and have no means to wear outside this blog. I'm a commuter, so I don't really get to wear very short shorts and skirts and cropped tops unless I'm in an appropriate place to wear them.  I decided to discard those clothes and for someone who will really use them may own them.

So which brought me to this collaboration!  My friend who owns Fashion Ritual, an online shop for pre-loved clothes, agreed to sell some of my items for you guys to enjoy. Most of these items I've worn FOUR times and even LESS.  I hope you do drop by her shop's instagram  and make your order if you fancy any. Happy shopping!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Fly as High as Feathers Can Take You

My Comm 130 professor required us to watch two MMFF films that Nora is in. To be honest, I won't watch any MMFF film if I wasn't compelled to because I'm short with money. Don't get me wrong. As much
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